White T-Shirt With “Shut up and reinvent” by Hugh MacLeod

  • Shut Up And Reinvent T-Shirt


    $24 ON SALE FOR 9.99 WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. (This also earns you producer credit for ten frames of the feature-length film).

  • White, 100% cotton featuring Hugh MacLeod’s “Shut up and reinvent” design.
  • Printed by Progress of Design in Detroit, MI
White T-Shirt
Product Options
1Small (W 18 L 28)$9.99
Shipping Rate: A
Order White T-Shirt Small (W 18 L 28) @ $9.99

2 Responses to White T-Shirt With “Shut up and reinvent” by Hugh MacLeod

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  2. Thanks for connecting Erik. I love the T-shirt, am about to buy it and definitely want to support your project. Your original lemonade film was so inspirational for me in my career and my reinvention as MarketingMel. Thank you!

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