What Happens in Detroit Matters to the World

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Some of the resistance I have heard from potential funders is that, “Do people outside Detroit really care what happens here?”

As one of those outsiders, I can say “yes.”

How do I know?

First of all, less than 20% of all the BuyAFrame producers who are helping to fund this production are from Michigan. The other 80% come from places like New York, Chicago, even Russia. So what happens to Detroit matters to people not just outside of the city, but outside of the continent.

Secondly, did you see the Chrysler Super Bowl commercial last night? The one that talked about the Detroiter’s Detroit? Having spent 15 years in advertising agencies, you can trust me when I say that the decision to spend what had to be $10+ million on production and another $10 million in media (a 30-second Super Bowl spot cost $3M and this was two minutes. I’m guessing they got some kind of volume discount) isn’t done just because some Chief Marketing Officer has a hard on for your city. Painstaking planning, vast amounts of energy and endless national focus groups went into ensuring that Chrysler’s Detroit message would resonate with the rest of the world.

In one fell swoop, Chrysler informed more than 100 million people that Detroit is still on the map, that it is still thriving, and that it is about to rebound in a huge way.

And now, thanks to 1248 producers and some matching from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Quicken Loans, we are finally returning to Detroit to continue shooting (y)our version of Detroit’s resurgence.

So here we go. I’m coming back into the city on Wednesday-Sunday. We’re shooting some incredibly profound stories of hope and reinvention. These are people and businesses who will make you not just want to cheer for Detroit, but roll up your sleeves and make a difference yourself.

If you’re a BuyAFrame producer, I will be posting video and behind-the-scenes photos of our progress. You’ll know who we’re shooting before anybody else.

If you aren’t, you can log onto http://buyaframe.lemonadedetroit.com and become a producer for just $1/frame.

Until next time….

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