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Roger Ebert Calls "Lemonade: Detroit" 'gob smacking.' | Lemonade Detroit

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By February 18, 2012 Blog One Comment

Whenever I’m looking for a new to movie watch, or if I’m on the fence trying to decide if I should see a film, I turn to Roger Ebert. Are their other great critics? Sure. But I never agree as consistently with any of them as I do with Mr. Ebert.

Roger Ebert Says...

So you can imagine how excited I was Friday night to learn that the godfather himself told his 600k Twitter followers that “Lemonade: Detroit” was a ‘gob smacking 17-minute short.’

You know, independent filmmaking has its ups and downs. One day, the pace of progress can feel glacial and frustrating. Then the next, the universe is kicking doors open everywhere you look.

Today, the potential positive impact of “Lemonade: Detroit” has been affirmed by a renowned movie critic who has seen it all. And I’ve never been more thankful or optimistic of my role in the telling of Detroit’s incredible story.

Erik Proulx
Director, “Lemonade: Detroit”

PS: If you aren’t already a subscriber, I would highly recommend joining The Ebert Club, which is Roger Ebert’s premium newsletter that you can’t get on his free blog or main website. The content is worth far more than the $10/year he charges. Plus you get to hear about movies you would have never been exposed to otherwise. (Like Lemonade, for example.)



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