“Shut Up and Reinvent” Shirts On Sale PLUS Free Shipping Through Friday

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When Hugh MacLeod’s team granted me permission to use his design on t-shirts and bumper stickers, I was over the moon. I fell in love with the attitude, and thought it perfectly captured the healthy chip that Detroiters have on their shoulders.

Shut Up And Reinvent T-Shirt


So when it came time to sell the shirts, I ordered twice as much inventory as I did for any other design. I didn’t do an initial run to test demand. I didn’t do any market research. I went solely on my own personal preference.

Well, as any retailer will tell you, too much inventory is deadly. And while we have sold a significant number of these shirts, it seems that my personal zeal for the design has left us with a bunch of overstock.

Originally, they cost $24 apiece plus shipping. As of today, I have cut the price by almost 60% to $9.99. And if you order by Friday, 6/22/12, I will also include FREE SHIPPING*.

And as a reminder, when you order this (or any) shirt, you are supporting production of the full-length film. You will become an official producer, both on the end credits of the film and on IMDB when it is done.

So for $10, you get a killer shirt, IMDB credit, and the satisfaction of knowing you helped make a worthwhile film about the reinvention of one of America’s great cities.

Pretty good deal, no?

*Free shipping applies to standard delivery for one (1) shirt and only to within the 50 United States. There will be a nominal additional shipping charge for more than one item.


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