Day Two Of $25k In 25 Days: Huge Out Of The Gate

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After two days of our “25 in 25″ campaign, here is where we stand in our effort to raise enough money to do more filming in Detroit:

Two-Day Totals
49 Merchandise Orders: $1242
3782 Frames bought for $3782
3 corporate inquiries for sponsorship:   $??

At first glance, we are on pace to reach our goal. But a look at the numbers more closely shows that a huge majority of the merchandise sales came from the initial push and “newness” of the campaign.

Day 1:
35 merchandise orders for $828
Fourteen people bought 2062 Frames for $2062

Day 2:
14 merchandise orders for $414
Nine people bought 1720 frame for $1720

In terms of merchandise, if day two is the norm, we won’t get there.  Also, both days had very generous individual frame buyers, (one for $1500 and another for $1464). As much as I’d love one individual contributor to give $1000+ every day, it’s unrealistic of me to put all our eggs in that basket.

The only true, real, lasting effort can come from people who buy a few frames, a bumper sticker, or a shirt. The author Peter Sims calls these “Little Bets.” We need a million individuals to contribute a little instead of one millionaire doing it all at once.

What Detroit Has

Soon to be a t-shirt?

So if you’ve already purchased your merchandise or bought frames, thank you. Please encourage others to do the same on Twitter. While you’re at it, tell them on Facebook, too.

Also, I’m going to be adding more products to the Merchandise page soon. There was a lot of positive response to the billboard campaign we ran around Detroit last year. I’ll be turning at least one of those into a t-shirt. And who knows what else?

Let’s make day three kick ass!




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