$25k In 25 Days — The Results

By March 4, 2012 Blog One Comment

As news anchors say after the day of an election….results are still trickling in. But at this moment, I can confidently report that our “$25k in 25 days” campaign was a resounding success.

Between Buy-A-Frame, merchandise sales, and fundraising events, we were able to raise $24,100.

What does this mean?

I can now continue filming Joe Faris’ extraordinary story. I can pay a Detroit-based crew without asking for too many volunteers. And I don’t have to blow up my credit rating to do it.

But this is just one of a long line of future successes. So keep spreading the word on Twitter. Keep encouraging people to become a producer on Facebook.

Then if they ask why, show them this video from the producers themselves.

We’re doing it!

Erik Proulx
Director, “Lemonade: Detroit”


One Comment

  • Dorsey says:

    This is exceptional news, Erik. Congratulations for pushing the idea and making it happen. Good luck with the shoot!

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