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Today, March 3, is the final day of “$25k in 25 days.” We’ve raised about 75% of what we need to reach our goal, which is outlined in the post below.



Since we last filmed Joe Faris and Motor City Denim, his story and life have taken a dramatic shift. I’m not yet at liberty to say how, but there is a definite need to film where he is on this stage of his journey.

On March 10, Joe is holding his annual fashion show, Fashion in Detroit. It is the perfect event for us to capture how he is reinventing both the fashion industry and his own life.

Joe Faris

Based on the three-day shoot we did last year (where we filmed Joe Faris, David Blair, Chazz Miller, and Reverend Barry), this is going to cost $25,000.

That pays for a crew (Director of Photography, gaffer, grip, audio recordist, producer, production assistants and data manager), rental equipment, lights, and travel for three days.  Other than me and the Director of Photography who is based in New York, the entire crew will be from Detroit.

Aggressive? Certainly. It will require a dramatic momentum push. It means people who have already given will, perhaps, have to give again. And it will require everyone who reads this to post, email, and share it with their vast networks.


Ice Grey T-Shirt With LogoOne tool in our toolbox toward $25k in 25 days is to sell merchandise. Today, we are launching a simple e-commerce section on this website to sell “Lemonade: Detroit” t-shirts and bumper stickers. So even if you have already become a producer through “Buy-A-Frame,” you can now re-up and get something tactile in return.



Here’s how you can help us continue production of the film and contribute to the reinvention of Detroit:

1. Buy a T-Shirt for $24:
You’ll become a producer and owner of 24 frames of the feature-length film when it is complete. One of the t-shirts is even designed by the indomitable Hugh MacLeod.

2. Buy a Bumper Sticker:
You’ll become a producer and owner of 10 frames of the feature-length film when it is complete. Also designed by Hugh.

3. Become a producer:
Pick a dollar amount. Any dollar amount. For as little as $1 or as much as a bazillion, you can become a recognized producer of the film both in the end credits and on IMDB.

4. Tell the twitterverse:
One hundred forty characters can go a long way toward $25k

5. Tell The Facebook:
Squeeze this message in between photos of your cat and/or dog and/or sunset. (What? I do it too!!)

6. Become a corporate sponsor:
For a day, a week, or a month, your organization can match the dollar amount of frames purchased on BuyAFrame. We’ve done this successfully in the past with both Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Quicken Loans. Contact yodit.mesfin[at]gmail[dot]com if you’re interested.

I get asked this question often. Kickstarter is amazing. But if we don’t reach the goal, we get nothing. And truth be told, even if we don’t raise $25k through this immediate effort, I am still going to need whatever amount we do raise. Because this filming needs to happen one way or the other, even if it means putting it on a credit card. (I  just really, really hope it doesn’t come to that.)

I know this is aggressive. I know this odds are stacked against us. But we can’t not film this.

Thank you for your incredible support.





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