Be a Producer

We’re inviting you to purchase individual frames of “Lemonade: Detroit” and become an IMDB-credited producer in the process. For $1/frame, $24/second, or $1440/minute, you can play a huge part in making the film. Join the movement now by visiting our microfunding site or donating below.

$1 (one frame)

* A color strip in the progress bar with your name and investment amount
* Ability to share your investment with your social network
* Producer credit in the film and on IMDB

$24 (1 sec) – $1,440 (60 secs)

* All of the above
* A video clip of your “seconds” with your name edited into an introduction. Once the film is produced, you can use your portion of the film however you like.
* An invite to red carpet event in downtown Detroit

$1,464 (61 secs) – $7,200 (5 mins)

* All of the above
* A movie poster, which will be designed by AIGA Detroit chapter
* VIP invite to the red carpet event (benefits of VIP status TBD)

Above $7,200

* All of the above
* Executive producer credit
* Additional rewards TBD